Wisdom Teeth Removal Basics

The basics

For many adults, especially young adults and teens, wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure and one of the most common surgeries to undergo. Either the dentist sees that teeth are moving closer to the others (if the wisdom teeth are tilted and grows towards the other teeth), or else pain is experienced when the teeth are developing. These are the two main causes why the decisions to remove the teeth are taken. Sometimes the pain vanishes during the eruption. Other times the patient need to remove the wisdom tooth or teeth.

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What are Wisdom Teeth?

The third set of molars are the wisdom teeth. During the ages of 17 and 25 they usually erupt. Sometimes they come around age 30. They erupt just beinh the second set of molars. They are more known as the twelve year molars. Some people never develop wisdom teeth, som even get extra teeth.

The wisdom teeth sometimes do not have enough room to fully erupt. They often become impacted or only erupt partially. If this happens, this can cause severe dental problems. This might take a while but its not worth to wait for. Gum infection, decay, damage to other teeth or even bone loss are some of the problems. If you experience any symptoms that might be related to these conditions you should contact your dentist and make a plan for an eventual wisdom teeth removal procedure. If you extract the teeth in time, you maintain the health of the gum, the other teeth and the jaw bone in an effective way. This procedure is a common procedure performed by many people every day. The methods developed today are very effective.

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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Even if your wisdom teeth may appear completely healthy or even if they look good on a x-ray sheet, they might cause many problems. This is because they can be positioned in a bad way related to the adjacent teeth, they are not as wise as they sound.

If a wisdom tooth is very close or impacted against the adjacent tooth, it can cause trauma or decay to the next tooth. Cleaning of the teeth can be problematic depending on the wisdom teeth positioning. This leads to dental decay and it can happen even with patients that have god or even very good oral hygiene.

A partially erupted tooth can also be very problematic. Food and later bacteria may become embedded under the gums, causing abscesses, infections, gum disease and even bone loss. Extracting the wisdom teeth rids the body of decay. It also makes oral hygiene much easier which prevent the spread of dental disease to nearby teeth.

The American Dental Association have recommended that you should extract your wisdom teeth when any of the following conditions exist:

  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Pain
  • Tooth decay
  • Infections
  • Gum disease
  • Tumors

The awareness of any issues with the wisdom teeth often comes when people have discomfort, swelling back in the mouth or pain. A visit to the dentist and an x-ray of the jaw shows how the teeth are located and how or whether the teeth has to be removed. The dentist looks at the current state and how the future development of the teeth might go.

As always, surgery or extraction of the teeth are a last resort and your dentist will only recommend this if no other alternatives exist. It is a good alternative and your future oral health is very important.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery

If dental disease can not be avoided your dentist can suggest to perform wisdom teeth extraction. If the tooth is erupted or partially erupted ordinary extraction might be performed. If the tooth is still embedded in bone, surgery has to be performed by an oral surgeon. Sometimes the patient even has to be fully sedated and not aware of the procedure at all. Most time local anesthetics are enough and you will be in contact with the surgeon the whole time to make the surgery as convenient as possible. The extraction procedure can take from half an hour to a couple of hours depending on how deep embedded the tooth is.

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    Most of the time we all dread from the idea of a wisdom tooth removal. However, if you choose a surgeon with good hands the recovery is quiet easy and comfortable. easy dental dubai